Problem solved. Best Graphics Cards For £150 / $ 225 Range

Discussion in 'Technology' started by x1Tom1x, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. x1Tom1x

    x1Tom1x Mildly Menacing Medic

    Ok, Im Making This post because a lot of people dont know what graphics card to get in this price range.

    The best 2 Graphics Cards in this price Range Are These:
    • Gtx 960
    • R9 380

    r9 380 is better for the price range because:
    • Cheaper
    • Gets Better FPS On Average by about 3-5 Fps


    Gtx 960
    • Bit more expensive
    • Doesnt get as much fps
    • (BUT)
    • Takes up less Watts from your psu
    • Comes with Nvidia and GeForce Programms such as GPU Boost 2.0 , and free upgrades etc over time.
    • Quieter
    If you dont have a good enough Watts power supply for the r9 380 then i encourage you to pay a bit more for the 960 because it uses up less Watts, but make sure your psu can handle the 960.
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