Awful at DM aiming

Discussion in 'News Watch' started by Reporter, Jun 7, 2018.

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    Awful at DM aiming

    I'm a Medic main.

    I can only play Medic in 6s I love playing Medic but I don't want to play him exclusively. I suck at DM. MGE helps nothing but lower my self\-confidence, and long story short. I'm trash outside of pubs.

    I consider Scout my secondary and Soldier a trit\-tarry at this point but the moment I join anything that isn't casual or skial I get annihilated.

    I feel that I'm at an optimal sensitivity: around 2. Any lower and I whack my hand on anything around my mousepad, any higher and I spin out. It's equivalent to my Overwatch sensitivity where I main DPS and am a competent McCree main.

    Please don't give me that "turn on raw input and disable acceleration hurr durr" and the likes. I just want pointers to improve my technique. I want to successfully play a few 6v6 matches as Scout or Soldier.

    Author: Telenstac
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