Autoexec and community servers

Heya, recently i found out that whenever i try to connect to Skial or UGC.TF servers my game stops responding on the "Sending client info" part. I tried removing mod by mod to see if anything was messing with it as mastercomfig caused this in the past for me. I found out the issue was not in the mods, but in my autoexec, because when i took that out, I could connect and play just fine.

Does anyone know what could possibly be causing me to not be able to connect within my autoexec file? All i have in it is this:

**alias CycleKillsounds "IncrementVar tf\_dingalingaling\_last\_effect 0 8 1; Wait 24; CycleKillsounds"**


**cl\_mute\_all\_comms 0**

Thanks in advance!

Author: ThatKetos