Attack on Titan tribute game

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    READ: For all the guests viewing this, the game has evolved much farther than shown in the video, and the mechanics are likely entirely different from how they were. Check it out in the link above and see for yourself.

    I heard about it earlier in the week. Pretty addicting considering it's just some simplistic fan-made thing.

    Even if you haven't watched the show you may still get a kick out of it, since you're pretty much Spiderman with swords.

    If you do end up wanting to beat a level of it (I highly recommend 02 rather than 01 since there's half the titans at the cost of some maneuvering), here's some stuff I found out the hard way:
    • Once sighted, titans are going to be constantly walking towards you. Pair that fact with their shape and you're pretty much dead if you fly into their front. If you somehow manage to un-stick yourself you may lose control or your character from a resulting glitch. Short version is to keep a distance until you're ready to move in and slice their neck.

    • That said, you're fully able to grapple onto titans. This comes in handy since you can gain altitude and circle-strafe them at the same time.

    • Try to avoid that whole "climbing up a wall and front-flipping onto it" business. It's not that reliable and takes way too much time. If you can grapple onto the roof, by all means do so.

    • Aberrants (The ones that dive and kick) are usually the hardest to kill. Try to leave them for last. Even when they're exhausted and bent over, you've typically only got one chance at hitting their neck.

    • Avoid taking them on when they're grouped together. If it's unavoidable, make it a point to kill as fast as possible and don't touch the ground.

    • Because it's a web game, be careful of clicking out. Particularly when you're aiming your hooks upwards to attack something.

    If you waste enough time on it, you can be as super MLG as this guy:

    9/14: The game did a huge graphical update. Same rules still apply though. Titan geometry is still crap, same glitches, your special tends to get you killed. Big mechanic change really is that titans can now grab a lot quicker and easier. One wrong move even on normal will do it.
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    This sounds so cool