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Invalid Appeal: Worst. Sniper. Ever.

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Worst. Sniper. Ever., Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Worst. Sniper. Ever.

    Worst. Sniper. Ever. Sufficiently Lethal Scout


    Link to your ban or your com block:
    Why should you be unbanned or unblocked?:
    I have a Permanent Ban for "Threatening Skial admins?" I don't remember this. I have the utmost respect for Skial and the real admins.

    I just don't like being treated like garbage from ABUSIVE administrators who ban people for no reason.

    I've never hacked or done anything disruptive on a Skial server except talk. Always played the game accordingly.

    Where's the demo where I "threatened" a Skial admin?

    I remember rambling while drunk one night a long time ago but I haven't even played on Skial in like, a month.

    I'm just trying to stand up for what's right. These servers used to be awesome and now every time I play on them there's some admin abusing their powers left and right. I'm simply trying to stand up for that, and instead of researching the problem with your abusive administrators who ban and mute people for no reason, you furthermore silence me permanently?

    I apologize if you think I'm against Skial, that's no the case. I'm against the trolls and moles of the skial admins and they need to be weeded out. This community is generally awesome, all I want is for the abusive admins to be punished, but instead I get silenced?

    I know Skial is a private community and there's no freedom of speech, but this is going a little too far.

    I complain about abusive admins and you ban me? Ban the abusive admins.

    Regardless, I've done nothing to be permabanned from playing on the servers, so I'd like the ban lifted.

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  2. courtsnort♩♪♫♬

    courtsnort♩♪♫♬ Australian Skial God Contributor


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  3. Worst. Sniper. Ever.

    Worst. Sniper. Ever. Sufficiently Lethal Scout


    Yeah that didn't take place on a server though? And you can clearly see in that post I'm referring to the ABUSIVE ADMINS. Not the real admins. You guys have some abusive admins that need their powers stripped asap. I'm not talking about the REAL admins.
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  4. KinCryos

    KinCryos TF2 Admin Contributor Mapper


    during your drunk posts, you physically threatened the servers in two posts and in a third, extended it to the staff
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  5. Worst. Sniper. Ever.

    Worst. Sniper. Ever. Sufficiently Lethal Scout


    Okay, let me break it down for everyone.

    Every time I play on a Skial server there's always some abusive administrator who makes up some mumbo jumbo shit and silences / mutes me whenever I'm doing good at this game.

    I go to report it on the forums and the admins just tell me I'm crazy and making shit up, even though it's clearly the case that I can't talk or speak on the servers. So one night, I had enough and made a post trying to get the abusive admin banned. They could not give me any reason why they muted me that time, just a bunch of shit about "Racism" that I never even did. It didn't matter because I was already "punished" for that and was told I couldn't refer to a hacking clan, which, I think has infiltrated these servers. So, I stopped using their clan name because apparently people think it's racist even though hackers aren't a "race" but whatever. I stopped using the word.

    So then I get muted randomly some night and the people on the server were like, "Why the fuck did you mute him? There was no reason for that." - I go on the forums and they say that someone reported me for "Spam." Even though on the server I see no such thread. The "spam" that was referred to was some end of round bullshit that EVERYONE does. I wasn't advertising Kraft Mac and Cheese or any shit like that. Plus, Skial has an anti-spam filter anyway.

    Regardless, I go to the forums to complain some more, and I basically get bullied and harassed by some abusive admins who keep trying to silence me because I'm complaining about them.

    So, what do I get for pointing out the facts and the evil admins? Permabanned. Sorry, I can't fucking speak my mind when I'm being bullied?

    This server used to be fun and now we got some admins who like to just abuse their powers left and right when they "don't like someone" or "someone has a better score."

    Please, do tell me how I deserve a permanent ban for trying to fucking defend myself?

    Admins abuse their powers.
    I fight back,
    I get banned?

    That's even more proof that there's abusive moles in the Skial admins.

    Bans and the such should be for the abusive players in the game. Which I have NEVER DONE. I have never hacked, I have never advertised hacks, I have never done any of that crap. Just had fun on the servers.

    Literally 0 reason why I should be actioned against.

    I would think you'd WANT to know about the admins that are abusing their powers in gameplay. But nah, let's just let admins ban whoever they don't fucking like like immature babies. That's cool.
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  6. Worst. Sniper. Ever.

    Worst. Sniper. Ever. Sufficiently Lethal Scout


    How the fuck is that bannable? You threaten and bully me but I can't threaten and bully back? Nice double-standard.
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  7. Worst. Sniper. Ever.

    Worst. Sniper. Ever. Sufficiently Lethal Scout


    Notice how some asshole just votes my post as "Troll." I'm being fucking serious. You guys have a serious problem within your administrators.

    All I want to do is play the fucking game on Skial. Not be bullied and harassed then fucking permabanned for speaking my mind. How the fuck does that work?

    I haven't hacked, or broken any fucking rules while playing a game.Thus, unban me.
  8. Worst. Sniper. Ever.

    Worst. Sniper. Ever. Sufficiently Lethal Scout


    Anyway, I apologize if the REAL ADMINS felt I was threatening them. I was talking about the Abusive Admins that you have. You know, the ones that ban and mute people for no reason instead of using their powers for punishing hackers / cheaters.

    Please unban me so I can play some TF2, I apologize if you felt threatened by my speaking my mind and trying to help your community out by pointing out Admins who are clearly not qualified to monitor servers maturely.
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  9. Worst. Sniper. Ever.

    Worst. Sniper. Ever. Sufficiently Lethal Scout


    Look if anyone wants to PM me in private and actually get this resolved, that would be great. I just feel like there's a huge mis-communication going on. Preferably one of the admins who didn't abuse their powers against me for no reason. I'll talk to this Felix follow if I need to. Who's even in charge around here? Regardless, if I don't hack and I don't advertise cheats, and I don't constantly spam all the time, I don't understand why I'm not allowed to play normally on these servers?

    Like, what have I done wrong except try to defend myself every time an admin prevents me from playing? All I want to do is play on Skial.
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  10. Chel

    Chel TF2 Admin Contributor

    I am going to lock this thread for now, and it will remain locked until @Fenix is able to respond.
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  11. Fenix

    Fenix TF2 Admin Contributor


    Oh my, here we go again. OK, let's see if we can break all this down and get it straightened out.

    You sent me a private message titled "u'M GONNA SEXPOSE YOUR ASS" with the following:
    The last line is the relevant one, threatening to come to my house and through whatever means make me unban you. The fact that you were not banned at this point, only silenced, is beside the point. Then there are also the quotes that KinCryos pointed out above with several threats of bashing our physical servers with a baseball bat. Sounds like threats against the servers and an admin (me) to me.

    Skial rules are community rules, not just for the server.

    I'm not sure about your other interactions, but if this is referring to your previous appeal thread, I thought I gave a pretty civil (albeit snarky) reply. If you come at us with attitude, you'll get attitude back. However, I think it was a far cry from treating you like garbage.

    Would you care to elaborate and give specifics? Given the number of players we host daily, and the extremely low number of punishments we issue in that same time period, I'm inclined to think this is a bit of an exaggeration.

    You were never silenced permanently. All this started with your week silence, and ended up with a permanent ban. You are absolutely free to post here in the forums if you feel an admin has abused their powers and let the community chime in with their opinions.

    I can't speak for everyone, but I never felt you were against Skial, and I'm glad you're against the trolls, so are we. If you feel an admin has done something wrong, please bring it to our attention in a civil manner and we'll be happy to look into it. We don't hide things, if someone has been punished just ask why and we'll come right out and give our reasoning behind it, so you should never feel like we are using our powers without cause.

    On the contrary, we allow plenty of freedom of speech and frown upon a relatively tiny amount of things.

    Nope. As stated above, you were banned for your threats, which are against the rules.

    I had to go dig through your previous posts to see what all this was. That particular clan has a racist term in their name, and we don't need people using that as an excuse to say that word. It's against the rules, and we also don't need people getting curious about hacks because then they will actually go find them, use them, get caught, get banned, then try to appeal saying it wasn't them, and it's just a big headache. Better to not even talk about it and save everyone a lot of grief. If you feel that particular clan has come on and hacked, feel free to record some evidence and report them.

    As it was pointed out to you in a different thread, there does not have to be a thread on the forum for someone to be reported. I frequently have people message me on steam with things like "Hey are you busy? I think there's a hacker in here." or "Hey there's someone being racist on the mic, can you come take care of it?" As for "everyone" spamming, the server chat logs don't go back that far but I remember looking at them and nobody was spamming a wall of text like you were. Do you honestly feel that

    PAYLOAD+ | LA | Fast 08/16/2017 - 12:41:11 AM Worst. Sniper. Ever. AFK MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED!
    PAYLOAD+ | LA | Fast 08/16/2017 - 12:41:07 AM Worst. Sniper. Ever. AFK MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED!
    PAYLOAD+ | LA | Fast 08/16/2017 - 12:41:04 AM Worst. Sniper. Ever. AFK MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED!
    PAYLOAD+ | LA | Fast 08/16/2017 - 12:41:02 AM Worst. Sniper. Ever. AFK MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED!
    PAYLOAD+ | LA | Fast 08/16/2017 - 12:41:01 AM Worst. Sniper. Ever. AFK MVP #1 GET FUCKED!
    PAYLOAD+ | LA | Fast 08/16/2017 - 12:40:57 AM Worst. Sniper. Ever. AFK MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED!
    PAYLOAD+ | LA | Fast 08/16/2017 - 12:40:56 AM Worst. Sniper. Ever. AFK MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED! MVP #1 GET FUCKED!

    is not spam? Looking back at your previous posts, I know you think if you do it all in one line it doesn't count as spam, and in that same thread you were told it is spam; you only have to say something once. I'll reiterate that here: once is enough. 7 repetitive lines in 15 seconds is absolutely spam. Also, our anti-spam filter only stops you from posting the exact same message twice within about a second. It's not some complex algorithm looking for patterns or similarities, and it doesn't know if you're just repeating the same thing on a line.

    As far as I can tell, you've never been bullied; you just have had people not agree with you. You seem to think you are infallible, always right, and everyone else is always wrong.

    What? Defending yourself against what? You spammed, got silenced, appealed, got turned down, and instead of taking your week silence (which you kept insisting was a ban), you threatened me and our servers. That's why you're banned.

    I see you're not taking my advice about appealing with humility instead of an attitude...

    Per our rules:
    • Threatening to attack Skial servers or credible threats against Skial staff.
    You don't have a server for us to threaten (not that we ever would) and we wouldn't threaten you either, despite what you may think, so there is no double standard there.

    Based on this and some of your other previous posts, you care *WAY* too much about a stupid simple thing like a forum post rating system. It's just a fun little thing to add to the forum; it has no bearing on you, your life, us, our opinions, or pretty much anything else.

    You were still able to play on the servers until you went off the handle and started making threats. You were only silenced, all you had to do was wait a week and you could have communicated again. Saying that because you don't spam all the time you should be able to go about your business is like telling a cop that because you don't speed all the time he shouldn't give you a ticket.

    This is turning out way longer than I wanted it to be, so for those of you following along in the peanut gallery I apologize. As for you WSE, I can't tell if you just have a huge sense of entitlement, didn't get enough spankings as a child, or are genuinely paranoid. Regardless, you seem to have some issues to work out, anger being among them. Do you really not see anything wrong with what you did? Even a little bit?

    You seem like a decent enough person, and I feel like you want nothing but the best for this community, but you just have some misguided tendencies that take you off track. I'm open to talking this out and seeing what sort of resolution we can come to, so take some time, gather your thoughts, put them in a single post, and let's see if we can have a civil discussion without a lot of attitude or blame. Try to see things from our perspective, we're just a handful of people trying to keep the community in tip top shape, but we're not perfect either. I can assure you though, we are not out to get anyone, ruin anyone's day, or abuse power. We would be thrilled to never have to deal with another report because everyone was being nice, civil, and following the rules. Alas, this is the internet, TF2 is free to play, and being able to hide behind a monitor brings out the worst in people.

    Anyway, I've spent over two and a half hours looking over past posts, reading, referencing, researching, and writing this; I'm tired. I look forward to your reply but don't go nuts with the posts if I don't get back to you right away. Remember, this is the digital equivalent of a cork board, a push pin, and a piece of paper. Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night.
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  12. KillerZebra

    KillerZebra Forum Admin Contributor


    We shouldn't really be applying server bans to incidents that happen on the forums. Though I do think threats and other serious offenses could justify a server ban.

    You probably should have just reported the threat and let one of us take care of it. At the very least he would have received a forum ban.
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  13. Fenix

    Fenix TF2 Admin Contributor


    Normally I would agree with you Zebra, but the flood of messages he kept posting, and the increasing threats, I felt this was someone who Skial didn't need on the forums or in the servers. At minimum it deserved a very long "time out" from all things Skial and that's why we have the appeals process, to see if they've learned their lesson and cooled down. I'm all for resolving this, and I'm open to unbanning, but I'd like to see what he has to say first.
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  14. Worst. Sniper. Ever.

    Worst. Sniper. Ever. Sufficiently Lethal Scout


    Whoever is in control Private Message me for my "gathered" response? (Either on the forums or on Steam.) Or let me know who it should be? Fenix? Fenix, I'll send you a private message within the next few hours.
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  15. Fenix

    Fenix TF2 Admin Contributor


    A reply here is fine, easier to reference later and for other admins to look at in case we have a discussion among ourselves. You seem calmer, that's a step in the right direction.
  16. Worst. Sniper. Ever.

    Worst. Sniper. Ever. Sufficiently Lethal Scout


    I've sent Fenix a private message. Fenix, could you please check it? Thank you.
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  17. Fenix

    Fenix TF2 Admin Contributor


    Noting for future reference: Dealt with privately, any admin that needs details can contact me.
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