1. If you are not the person that was banned/muted, you are only allowed to post evidence. Trash talk is unnecessary.

Invalid Appeal: Will Man Schwing

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Will Man Schwing, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Will Man Schwing

    Will Man Schwing Unremarkable User

    Link to your ban or your com block:
    Why should you be unbanned or unblocked?:

    Sorry if that is the wring way to paste the link I could not get it to work via the search.

    I am a longtime player on your servers and have never had any issues. I did not do anything wrong earlier to warrant a ban. I am also not sure what LINKED: New STEAMID from banned IP means.

    Also, the country flag is unknown to me and I am based in the usa. I do use a VPN, guessing that could have caused some issue?

    Anyways, hope I can play on your servers again because I find them to be the best.

  2. Dave

    Dave TF2 Admin Contributor


    Sorry for the wait.

    VPN's / proxies recycle IP addresses. Out of bad luck you were assigned a IP address that was banned by Skial servers since someone else was once cheating with that IP address

    Since I can't find anything that suggests you were the person hacking on a alternate account, I'll unban you

    But avoid using VPN's or proxies in the future if possible since you run the risk of getting banned if you get a bad IP
  3. Will Man Schwing

    Will Man Schwing Unremarkable User

    Thanks Dave.

    Looks like I am banned again unfortunately. I was not even playing earlier today at 17:19, unless that is pacific time, that's when I logged in. Any way this can be fixed again?
  4. Dave

    Dave TF2 Admin Contributor


    avoid using VPN's because it might not be undone next time
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