1. If you are not the person that was banned/muted, you are only allowed to post evidence. Trash talk is unnecessary.

Invalid Appeal: Toff-Toff

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Toff-Toff, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Toff-Toff

    Toff-Toff Unremarkable User

    Link to your ban or your com block:
    Why should you be unbanned or unblocked?:
    Well, it all started when I wanted to enjoy some randomizer on Turbine just to waste the free time I already had in store for myself. I mention that I go on these servers every now and then to enjoy the chaos that is randomizer. That being said, I was playing and doing a decent score getting good weapons until I became a spy with the stock sniper rifle, I guess what ended up happening is that I got many headshots 3-4 under a solid minute that the detector must have thought I was aimbotting, but the thing is, I wasn't! There is no demo of me doing such thing and my friend said, it is probably likely due to something unusual I did with the rifle. This is the first time I even have gotten a ban on a community server, considering I don't usually play community servers. I also have been a part of joining many skial servers in the past, so this seems to be either a glitch or maybe some sort of mistake on behalf of CONSOLE.

    That is pretty much all I have to say, no one on that intended server saw anything wrong with me, no complaints, no grievances either.​
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  2. Jermaphobe

    Jermaphobe Moderator Contributor Legendary Mapper

    We don't unban cheaters
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