1. If you are not the person that was banned/muted, you are only allowed to post evidence. Trash talk is unnecessary.

Invalid Appeal: Pizzi

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Pizzi, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. Pizzi

    Pizzi Unremarkable User

    Link to your ban or your com block:
    Why should you be unbanned or unblocked?:
    Honestly i dont remember why i got banned because it was a long time ago. But i think it was on jailbreak i probably did something stupid on BLU i was younger and didnt know what i was doing. Now i would just like to play on the Skial MGE server. Is there any possibility to get unbanned?​
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  2. Dave

    Dave TF2 Admin Contributor

    Dude sorry but no it was not about jailbreak,

    Remember long time ago when you or your brother downloaded "lmaobox" and the made an alt account that's still being used with in the last week or two?
    Happens to be on your friends list as well.

    Whelp, that account got ban and any other accounts on that network too. We do not Unban hackers.
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