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AMA Fad Thing

Discussion in 'Nsfw' started by Dolan Trump, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Dolan Trump

    Dolan Trump Somewhat Threatening Sniper


    It seems to be a fad to do an AMA in the NSFW section, so I'll get another one going.

    Since I'm basically a stranger here, you can go ahead and ask me literally anything. But I'll answer some questions off the bat.

    • Are you actually Donald Trump? ...no. In fact, I'm probably not going to vote for him. The name and persona is a parody of his image in the media. Personally, I stand against most of his platforms.
    • Then who the fuck are you? My actual name is Dylan Attix. I'm a college student attending Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington. I used to be a moderator for FirePowered Gaming, but then I quit. My major is Environmental Sciences Biology focus.
    • Who's that person in your spray? That is an opposite-sex version of me drawn by a friend, wearing the costume of a character named Zinnia from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
    • Coke or Pepsi? Neither. The phosphoric acid in both does bad things to your bones. Meaning Sans and Papyrus should never drink them. But back when I did drink cola I preferred Pepsi, wild cherry flavor.
    • Sexual orientation? Depends on my mood and how horny I am that day, lel. But I prefer women with nice, slim figures and small breasts, legs which are slightly longer than half the length of their body, and asses that don't quit.
  2. Blade D_Hero

    Blade D_Hero Trade Moderator Contributor


    Are you Chinese or Japanese
  3. mike-kirby

    mike-kirby Totally Ordinary Human

    I like your preferences
    What is your spray then.
  4. Dolan Trump

    Dolan Trump Somewhat Threatening Sniper


    I have POOR and IRISH ancestry.
  5. 185db

    185db Legendary Skial King

    asses that dont quit are best asses