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No matter how early I get into a Zombie Escape server I am always chosen first even when there are players who join after me I am THE FIRST to be a zombie and it's REALLY p***ing me off. The first to be chosen I can deal with but when you have players laughing at you for it, it makes me want to curse them out...and admittedly 4 minutes ago (as of typing) I did lash out at one player who thought it was hilarious. If it kept happening to him he would not be laughing.

Is there a way to fix this or does the server just hate me for daring to play?


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It won't solve your "problem", but try using "!ze_queue" in game chat.
It'll show the player names, and the top ones get auto-infected the next round.
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You are probably leaving the server as zombie, if you do, the server will auto you as zombie, it's best to leave the server as human in the next round.


If you leave the server you will be put at the front of the queue. Joining from spectate will also put you in the front.