AITA for typing "edge" in chat after hearing a guy saying "Fuck the tsa"

Discussion in 'News Watch' started by Reporter, Oct 24, 2018.

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    AITA for typing "edge" in chat after hearing a guy saying "Fuck the tsa"
    Im on Skial TF2, some guy comes in talking about many things, moon landing shit, conspiracies, and nuclear generators. overall very smart man. So in chat i say "My dad works at TSA, the other day some guy told him to go fuck himself" wanted to see what he thought about it. So this guy talks about how the tsa is bad and should be disbanded, he then goes on saying how he has no respect for TSA agents, i say "I agree the tsa sucks, but it can be improved" and he says "Fuck the TSA" and i put in chat "edge", he says how im being biased because my dad works at tsa, how im the 1% who likes tsa agents and how all 32 players on the server are against me.


    I try to say im not biased and im just saying "fuck the tsa" is a little bold but he ignores me. I go on playing for around 10 ish minutes and leave. Am i biased for saying "Edge" after someone says "Fuck the TSA"


    Im sorry if this ones a little short, its just idk where to talk about shit like this, so ***Am i the asshole?***

    Author: nuclear808123999
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