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If you are an admin, be sure to read the rules

Here is a useful guide on how to spot cheaters.

You will also need to understand SteamIDs as they are the only way to identify a unique player since multiple people can have the same name.

How to find a SteamID


Now go into a server and press the ~ key to open the Console. Type status and press enter.


You will see something like this:

account : not logged in  (No account specified)
tags    : ctf
map     : ctf_2fort at: 1888 x, 1368 y, 321 z
players : 1 humans, 0 bots (24 max)
edicts  : 700 used of 2048 max
# userid name                uniqueid            connected ping loss state  adr
#      2 "asdf"              [U:1:123456789]     01:23       29    0 active loopback

The steamid is the "uniqueid" column. You can select this with your mouse and press ctrl+c to copy it and ctrl+v to paste it somewhere.

The selection highlight will be invisible unless you select an entire line.

Some Commands
  • sm_gag "#steamid" or #userid or "name"
    sm_ungag "#steamid" or #userid or "name"
  • sm_mute "#steamid" or #userid or "name"
    sm_unmute "#steamid" or #userid or "name"
  • sm_ban
    "#steamid" or #userid or "name"
    time in minutes, 0 is permanent
    "some reason"
  • sm_addban
    time in minutes, 0 is permanent
    "some reason"
    steamid or ip
    "some reason"
  • sm_slay #userid or "name"
  • sm_removespray
  • sm_spec "#steamid" or #userid or "name"
  • sm_ban "some player name" 123 "frequent racism"
  • sm_ban #500 60 "aimbot"
  • sm_ban "#[U:1:234]" 30 "advertising in name"
  • sm_addban 321 "#[U:1:23456789]" "griefing"
Make sure you get the order right or you will ban the wrong person.

Using #steamid with /ban /mute /gag /silence etc... will work after the target disconnected.

Ban Lengths

Here are the standard ban lengths. Use longer ban times based on the seriousness of the offense, or if the person plays rarely and would not be affected by a short ban time, or is a repeat offender.
  • 1 day
  • 3 days
  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • Permanent
Permanent bans are now only reserved for serious offenses such as:
  • Using or advertising hacks.
  • DDoS attacks.
  • Posting illegal information/sprays
  • Posting personal information without consent
  • Scamming

Demos are required for hacking incidents.

Fun commands on Idle or Trade
  • You are not allowed to kill people while being in god or buddha mode.
  • You are not allowed to give god or buddha mode to people who intend to kill others.
  • No negative commands on people who didn't ask for it (like timebomb).
Fun commands on all other servers
  • You should not use anything other than kick/ban/slay/mute/gag/silence.
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