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    2FORT | EU, 2FORT | LA, 2FORT+ | EU
    GMT+0 London. Unable to give accurate days/times as I work rota based however assure at least 10 hours a week.
    Link to your Stats Page:
    Playing Time:
    Please see comments below for why I am applying with such little time; Played 26:50:26 (11:59 AFK); Last Seen 03/14/2018 - 03:57:39 AM - 8 minutes ago; First Seen 09/03/2011 - 06:54:21 AM - 7 years ago
    Will you get mad if you lose admin?:
    No. I am not an angry person by nature.
    How do you ban yourself using your own SteamID?:
    sm_ban "#[U:1:54968694]" 1 "Special Snowflake"
    Any other reason you should be admin:
    **wall of text inbound**

    This isn't "any other reason" but more a bio for you all to get to know me a little bit. I'm 23 years old and live in Yorkshire (England). My most favourite games for steam are definitely Team Fortress 2, crusader kings 2 and Warhammer 2. Must be the number 2…

    I currently have well over 1500 hours on TF2 as I started playing when I was much, much younger. I have recently just got back from taking a time out from TF2 to focus on other projects. I had also been apart of the administration team for LotusClan (also a TF2 community). Upon Lotus’ death, I took a fairly long break. Below is a list of my experiences and why I feel they’re relevant to this application and wanting to help keep Skial’s servers clean as an administrator;

    2010 – 2012 – Administrator for a large Minecraft server (their apps are all hidden, unable to prove)

    2009 – present – Member and Administrator of a large (now dead) TF2 community, Lotusclan. In my time there I have done the same as what I am volunteering here for; managed a group of servers, responded to a “call-admin” system (a chatroom which pings when someone uses !calladmin on the server) and ultimately banned people in need of banning. I have proof below of my administration. In my time with Lotus I went by the name of L | Kerberos only having recently changed my name to Xantam, removing the “L|” due to the death of lotus. You will notice that only the current perma bans will show on the screenshots I have below as the temporary ones will have expired some time ago. I am also unable to find all of my bans, especially the more recent ones, as you’ll notice in the “banned by” column my name keeps changing, I cannot trace all my bans due to my name changes (to stay hidden). Proof: - -

    2011 – Present – Owner/Host of a large gaming community, managing a website, forum, wiki, discord, server, github and teamspeak, all paid for originally by myself now running on donations and my funds. In the 7 years I’ve been running this community, I have managed well over 50 staff members, the upkeep of a code-base for the game (it’s open-source), forum development (the same forums Skial uses, so I can pitch in there if need be too) and ultimately the continual and consistent management of staff, players, website and server. The community as a whole for this game is small, no where near TF2 size, however on average my server has about 60-100 players online at any one time. I will link below the proof for this; you can explore the website and the forum, find proof of my ownership and even my administration. I go by the same name there; Xantam. Proof: I feel like the skills I’ve learned while managing this community will help me in volunteering for yours.

    On the 12th of March while playing on Skial servers, EU-2Fort; I spotted a wall-hacker and potential aimbot. I immediately alerted staff on the discord while observing this player. The player was then banned by Luke. Despite being a player I just feel the need, the urge and almost the pleasure in finding these guys who make the game unfair for others and putting them in their rightful place; the ban list. I have read and I understand the servers rules, I have even bookmarked the rules for future reference. I can be strict on those who absolutely do not deserve the time of day but I can also be extremely understanding and if at all possible, would prefer to talk someone down than issue a straight ban without discussion. I have been known to add people on steam, talk to them, warn them, and move on. I prefer this approach as the community then keeps potentially good players and more importantly, potential donors. If people see the administration of a community is warm and welcoming, while not swinging the hammer of doom (the ban hammer) they are generally more inclined to donate to the cause. I have learned this as host of my own community.

    I am currently serving in the UK as a civil servant working directly for the Ministry of Justice inside one of the UK’s worst prisons. I only mention this because to me, that shows the dedication I can put into something when I set my mind to it. Not many people work directly for the MOJ and even more so, not many people could stand or stomach working in such a bad prison or dangerous environment. I have joined Skial and am a loyal player. Lotus was my “home” for many many years but unfortunately that era came to an end. I am hoping, successful or otherwise in this application, I can make this my new home which I can help keep clean and tidy.

    Finally, with regards to my play time. I understand I have way less than the required 200 hours mark and in normal situations I’d respect that and wait for that time, however that doesn’t sit right with me entirely. I am an open and very honest man, and the reason I have put the application forward so so so prematurely is so that you can read all of this (which may take a year…) and almost keep an eye on me; this is your community, I am new into your neighbourhood; with this app here, you may notice me more in future as “that guy who applied” and you can make your mind up from interactions whether you feel I’d be good material for your staff rather than me waiting in the shadows for 200 hours, no one knowing who I am and then applying. As a person, I am quite quiet. Not for reasons of shyness or lack of people skills, but because I am calculating and logistical. I’d rather keep quiet and no one know who I am, than be a roaring boasting administrator who people will see and disable their hacks. I’d like to catch people who break the servers rules, not put my self on display which would prevent them doing it to begin with; if someone has the intent to do something, that is equally as bad as doing it in my opinion, and they should follow through with it to reap the consequences. I have experience in that area to back me up.

    Thank you for reading my life story and I hope to speak to you all soon, I will be around on the 2fort servers almost exclusively as I despise other maps :). I am also on the discord if anyone wishes to get in contact to arrange any gaming nights or just a chat!​
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    This is a very nice and well formatted application but you've not yet met the time requirement of 200 hours, which is a big shocker for someone who joined over 7 years ago. I'm going to mark this improve with that being the only reason, your experience and knowledge is exemplary for what Skial looks for in staff but you should familiarize yourself with the community through our various forms of communication before you reapply (as well as meet the time requirement). Thank you =)
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    Yeah I have played some time previously. I don't feel that the time is completely correct but I will just work on it regardless.

    Thank you for your time and I will see you shortly :)
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