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Crazy Steve

Scarcely Lethal Noob
I was on your Turbine map, there was a vote to gag me which failed, but the admin on the server gagged me anyway which I thought was abuse of there power.; I just got off that server to post this on your forum.

Is it your policy to let Admin gag people even though the vote failed and the decided to gag anyways for no reason?

How do I get to be an Admin?


Gaben's Own Aimbot
prolly broke a rule if an admin did it soon after, regardless of whether or not the vote failed you're still subject to punishment. skial doesn't have the double jeopardy ruuule.


Wicked Nasty Engineer
I looked at your comm blocks and I don't see any admin-silences on there, only 30 minute silences from the votemenu. I think you might be confused. When a votemenu vote passes a silence targeting a player, the server displays a message saying an admin has gagged a player for 30 minutes (The exact message is: "[SourceComms] ADMIN: Issued an extended silence on <player> for 30 minutes (reason: Votesilence: spam.")), when in reality it was the server that put in place the 30 minute gag, not an admin themselves.