Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight

BOG's theme is swamp. It haves 19 traps and 4 minigames. Also two minibosses (One is optional)


Crash spinner is something unique in deathrun segment at all, that's an combination of crash game and spinner, try not to be dead after 5 seconds!

Race 1v1 with blue to see who will win! Cars will have nitro boost which boosts them up. Speeeeeed

Parkour (Well nothing to tell about him everyone knows what's dis)

Dance Revolution
- Dance until your death! Wasted A LOT of time on this. Take a fight with a blue in dance minigame! Who scores more points - win!

If you put -1 or you don't want to get this map been added please explain why. I'll try to improve it in the next update