Active Pub Communities?

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    Active Pub Communities?
    Do any of you know of community servers where people simply play TF2 as it was meant to be played? Not trade, achievement, idle, W-W-W-Wacky maps, zombies, or mario kart. Just vanilla TF2 with decent skill-level players. For me, Valve servers are unsatisfying at best because of how rare it is to find players who know what they're doing, and the lack of any way to choose which maps show up for the end-of-round vote is frustrating.

    The only thing in between casual games and competitive is highlander, which is honestly such a mess of a gamemode that it's difficult to enjoy. I used to love playing on Skial Badwater, NoHeroes 24/7 Payload and STAR_'s server, but recently I have been completely unable to find any servers that are active more than one or two nights a week. I can't be the only one who was really excited for LazyPurple's "competitive" server, but after realizing its map pool consists of 90% joke maps, it's hard to describe how disappointed I was.

    Hell, I'm willing to pay for a server or three if I could manage to round up enough people who just want to play the vanilla game on a decent map rotation, but based on the fact that most of those type of servers seem to be dead nowadays, I'm not sure if anyone else even wants that type of thing to exist.

    Author: klhrt
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