A (PROPER) Rework to vsh_abandoned_warehouse

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    My first rework of my first ever map didn't play too well, so instead of remaking the entire map, I decided to just make the first one better. The two biggest changes are re-textures and optimisation.

    Here is the .bsp


    Here are some screenshots

    https://imgur.com/UkY2KaF RED Spawn
    https://imgur.com/SpV0eWf Main play area
    https://imgur.com/0pApiRo Basement
    https://imgur.com/mku3ms0 BLU/Hale Spawn
    https://imgur.com/ZeLRRpu Side room
    https://imgur.com/Gkmh3e8 Barrel room

    Change log

    -Set the entire map nodraw, then redid every single texture
    -Deleted strenuous/clipping brushes
    -Optimised the ceiling so you don't get stuck on the beams while super/rocket jumping etc.
    -Rebalanced health and ammo locations
    -Added divots in the main area to make it easier for hale (The main room was a death trap for hale, by adding these divots, it's just a little easier for him because any players that find themselves in the divots when hale rages are confined to them for the duration of the rage, as you have to jump to get out. If the mechanic becomes too frustrating or ineffective I will remove them in a later update)
    -Added player clips to most objects to allow smooth movement and prevent frustration
    -Added optimisation brushes (The main area is still a little laggy just due to the shear number of props rendered at once, but I'm very proud of how high I've been able to push FPS throughout the entire map and I hope this helps players with less formidable PCs. I know framerate was a big complaint about the first versions.)
    -Map is more friendly to classes with less maneuverability
    -More accommodation for engineers
    -Expanded vents systems
    -Optimised lighting
    -Added clipping to the sides of the shelves to prevent players from abusing high-skill maneuverability
    -Remade RED spawn to better fit the theme of the map
    -Moved BLU/Hale spawn from the shelves to the balcony room
    -Added a hole that connects the balcony room to the side room on the first floor
    -Removed the server room
    -Added windows in the ceiling to make the level feel less claustrophobic and accommodate better use of a light_environment
    -Visual and general quality of life improvement
    -And of course, with a rework comes small changes to each room that are too numerous to mention here.

    I'm sorry a proper rework was so long in the making, I've been playing other games and haven't had much motivation to work on TF2 projects. Thank you for being an amazing community that will always have a special place in my heart and being what started one of the most fun endeavours I've ever had the pleasure of beginning - mapping.
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