A departing loveletter to Skial

This is going through to The Reporter, so at least I can get one last message in

Thanks for the time I was around on the forums. I've had my ups and downs, but I've stuck by my word and been myself.

I have no regrets of what I've said to madmin, please keep sucking a lemon every time you read a post, but at the very least enjoy life.

I'm gonna donate the next time I get income just to show there's no hard feelings, even if through someone else, and I'm gonna enjoy the servers till my last report.

The only thing I want to ask now, is more leniency on micspam.

Should it interrupt talk, or be requested to stop, I believe it should still be bannable. However if there are no complaints, I feel as though it should be less problematic, especially seeing as Trade isn't meant to be taken seriously. This could help cut down on reports, at the very least.

To those wanderers who are wondering "what in the God damn??", fear not, its just a personal message I have no other way of communing.
I got a little too personal with someone on the forums and as such received a fair punishment. I'm not gonna act like I'm innocent here.

Have a good future, people of Skial, its been an honor to shitpost for you.

P.S, Gala, if you're reading this, let me know what the final nail in the coffin was. Was I far too personal, or did I just say way too much in too little time? I'm not gonna abuse that unsilence you gave me just because I got myself banned, either, I'll keep to that.

Author: JeffEntrepeneur