Resolved ボナファイドマスホー and MajorLeagueMemes - Voting Abuse

Discussion in 'Reports' started by Zombaco, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Zombaco

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    Voting Abuse

    Player Name:
    ボナファイドマスホー and MajorLeagueMemes

    [U:1:121493042] [U:1:187679205][U:1:121493042] [U:1:187679205][U:1:121493042] [U:1:187679205][U:1:121493042] [U:1:187679205]

    ~10:30-11:30 P.M. CST 3/12/2018


    Detailed Explanation / Screenshots / Demos:
    On the NY Saxton Hale server, I was playing a game of VSH, whenever these two players began to abuse the vote slaying option on the server. I have never reported anyone simply because I usually don't want to be involved, however, they were being very uncooperative and annoying to play with. It began with MajorLeagueMemes vote slaying 002, a new player to vsh, and it was successful and began this whole mess. [​IMG][​IMG] Next, ボナファイドマスホー voted to slay me whenever I was hale because I spoke out against the slaying of 002 [​IMG][​IMG] Finally, they attempted to slay perrindruester, but was unsuccessful. After this failed, they stopped the vote slaying while I was there. [​IMG][​IMG] I normally don't go out of my way to do this, however, I thought it was necessary this time because this was just annoying to play with.
  2. Fenix

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    OK took care of those two. Thanks for the report!
  3. Zombaco

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    Thank you
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