Invalid [~ĐĐ~] SUPERCHICKEN™ and [~ĐĐ~] RIVERRATT - Racism against Latino/Latinx people

Discussion in 'Reports' started by circustrash, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. circustrash

    circustrash Unremarkable User

    Racism against Latino/Latinx people

    Player Name:

    [U:1:8507336] and [U:1:35146224][U:1:8507336] and [U:1:35146224][U:1:8507336] and [U:1:35146224][U:1:8507336] and [U:1:35146224][U:1:8507336] and [U:1:35146224]

    between 2:35 PM pst and 3 PM pst

    2FORT | LA

    Detailed Explanation / Screenshots / Demos:
    The two players in question actively mocked me based on my race, continually making stereotypical and racist "Cholo" voices. They were saying things like "Ay homs you shoulda had jur elbows up mang," and that "they're gonna rob me, homes." There are many Mexican-Americans who do not participate in crime and even more who do not speak with this completely exaggerated and fake accent. Furthermore when I tried to votemute them for their racism, they utilized the fact that their racist clan had enough people to effectively always block the votemute. This was a very disgraceful incident and I want justice! Another user from their clan who left before I could get his steam id told me he wanted to repeal the civil rights act of 1964. This is definitely a hate group.
  2. Phantom 5.0

    Phantom 5.0 TF2 Admin Contributor


    They were speaking in general, and weren't saying anything racist toward you. However, you were being disruptive to the server, as well as abusing the vote system.
  3. RiverRatt

    RiverRatt Unremarkable User

    On behalf of the DD crew and players. WE as a group DO NOT alow any Racist remarks to post on our fourms. We like to have only fun, good, NO cheating players in the DD group. What was said by Me and Super Chicken was quotes from a song. its called "lean like a cholo" you can find it on youtube. all we said was "get your elbows up and lean side to side" . quotes from the song. the remarks were not directed to one player.. we were saying it to every player as fun and as a joke. When he tried to vote mute me, I told the whole group go for it.. as in ok, all in fun. I know im not a raciest player. Thank you for looking into this and feel free to question me about any of the DD crew for I am one of the 3 admins of DD. DD does not alow any negativity from players in our group. we are a fun happy crew. Thank you for reading Admins, [~ĐĐ~] River Ratt
  4. circustrash

    circustrash Unremarkable User

    Hello admins,

    It does not matter if they were speaking in general. Does it, massa? You want me to shine ya shoes massa? I can put on a big smile massa. Thats speaking generally and I think we can all agree that it is undeniably racist. All I had to do was say one of their members was a trader main before I was verbally assaulted by 3 players from the same KKKLan. They are gaslighting you, admins. The DD clan is using the fact that they had numbers to make it impossible to face punishment for their actions and add false legitimacy to their claims. If you watch the demo you will see other players in chat AGREEING with me, and not standing for this white fascist clan's hate speech.

    EDIT: how clear do I have to make this....their steam page right now... imgur .com/ik8FUfz for proof
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  5. Biggie

    Biggie Forum Admin Contributor


    We don't accept photo-shopped evidence.
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