Emcee playing on alt on Skial Trade US

    Suh admins of skial. So, Emcee. A 14 year old child who has scammed thousands of dollars on skial servers and hasen't been punished by skial. Kinda strange right? well, I'm not complaining (yes I am). Currently, he is on an alt account on the skial US trade server and flaunting his micro weewee...
  2. Havocc

    Messing with a CSGO Scammer

    Recently this steam account tried to add me... I knew he was a scammer trying to get my M9 Bayonet Case Hardened! His profile didn't have csgo on it, he had his inventory on private and made a second account to show off all the knifes that he previously got from scamming. By far, one of the...