1. K

    [solved] appeal to be excempt from the proxy ip rule, courtesy of geforce now

    Hello, i have been playing on skial since i was a kid, but i have ran in to some compatibillity issues between my tv and tf2 (it sounds weird, but it's the only difference now and before), therefore i'm stuck with geforce now temporarily, until i can get my desk up and running, with my dearest...
  2. Da7Boi

    Proxy Ban (this is a frequent topic on here isnt it)

    Self Explanatory. Name was Dipshit with a frying pan, changed it to Da7Boi because I got bored of the original one. Would like some help with why the proxy I use was banned, as I haven't changed it at all.
  3. DerpingOnSunshine

    Banned for "using a proxy"

    After not having played TF2 in over a year, I decided to update and play the game. I exclusively played on skial servers in the past, however when I joined today I was instantly banned for "using a proxy", despite not using or have used a proxy.