map edits

  1. Wind The Fool

    Declined [DR] Allow for the trimp in dr_ancient_memes_a6

    Look I get it's "not allowed" and it's "not intended for hale to combat REDs out of minigames" but let me speak for a moment. In the most recent update to the ancient memes map it states as follows: "[Addition] A sound is made if a Demoman goes down into hale's side" Instead of removing the...
  2. BenCo

    So how the map accepting process works on skial?

    So as a mapper, I have a deathrun map project atm. It's only 15% done so I still need to work on it a lot. My question is that how do the admins of skial accept deathrun maps for the servers. Are there any requirements?
  3. Fragancia

    [VSH] A new map, 5 map edits, BFB nerf and fixed spread for shotguns suggestions

    Hello! I've decided to make this thread to suggest if my map vsh_project_powerup_a16 could get playtested on your VSH servers, along with a few map edits of existing maps which are the following: vsh_toys_b2_skial_v2 vsh_manncohq_v14_skial_v1 vsh_spaaaaaace_v1_s3_skial_v1...