1. ★Major Pootis Steeljaw☆

    [FF2] Boss Suggestion: Adrian Shepard

    Here are my ideas for a possible boss that should be added. Adrian Shepard, Protagonist of the Half Life DLC: Opposing Force He has access to a Super-jump, and a Weigh-down. His Rage consists of Knockback Immunity, and either summoning a Sniper with three bullets. A SMG With half a clip (Used...
  2. herp 105.4

    Declined [FF2] Buff the caber

    Add charges or something so we can make it a good weapon that is fun to use instead of something that is just fun to use.
  3. ★Major Pootis Steeljaw☆

    [FF2] My thoughts on Pootisbird.

    Hey, Everyone. I love how you guys got rid of SCP 096 and replaced him with our newest readdition.. Pootis Bird! His Rage is nice, allowing a wide variety of classes and playstyles to be utilized as each variant of minion. The minions can clutch even when the boss is dead, It's my favorite part...
  4. Meebas

    Approved [FF2] Nerf/Fix Vader

    Vader has way too much going for him. does 300+ damage and his rage has uber and gives him a flare that can kill everyone within the massive explosion radius. He also doesn't suffer from afterburn, but that's not a huge deal. Few suggestions: Severely reduce flare gun range Remove uber on rage...
  5. Stack Man

    Approved [VSH] Update vsh_abandoned_warehouse to final_v3

    https://gamebanana.com/maps/211092 Current server version of vsh_abandoned_warehouse is a3. An optimized and repainted version was created, but removed from the server due to hdr lighting problems. The linked version includes the map with fixed hdr, as well as other small fixes and visual...
  6. Doktoberfest

    Approved [FF2] Re-Add Sonic

    So me an Percilius/Devil/Ali (whatever you call him) went over with re-working sonic and made changes his bat now has a normal swing rate he damage got buffed to 130 instead of it being 40 his speed was lowered from 520 to 460 his health was raised a little his rage only gives him uber, this...
  7. ★Major Pootis Steeljaw☆

    [FF2] Rework Equalizer to act similar to Volcano Fragment.

    So, here's what i'm thinking. - No Primary Weapons - Banners take more damage to charge / Don't last as long / Aren't as effective - Less healing from Medics, Dispencers, and HealthKits. + Speed Boost to match the Pyroknight / Max Overdose Medic speed. + Damage Reduction while Equalizer is...
  8. ★Major Pootis Steeljaw☆

    New [VSH/FF2] Rework Equalizer to act similar to Sharpened Fragment

    So, here's what i'm thinking. - No Primary Weapons - Banners take more damage to charge / Don't last as long / Aren't as effective - Less healing from Medics, Dispencers, and HealthKits. + Speed Boost to match the Pyroknight / Max Overdose Medic speed. + Damage Reduction while Equalizer is...
  9. herp 105.4

    Declined [VSH/FF2] readd turret testing

    most people on both servers want it back and the people who don't are cringe so add it https://www.mediafire.com/file/5ns30jy15tjf8gs/vsh_turret_testing_b2.bsp/file theres the link add it now
  10. Stack Man

    Declined [VSH/FF2] Show Boss Choice with boss settings

    Every round, the chat shows the current hale's boss difficulty settings. It should also show the hale's chosen boss or show if it was randomly chosen.
  11. Stack Man

    Approved [VSH/FF2] vsh_dirtmound

    Game Banana Link Mediafire Download Link A VSH map born to combat two trends I've noticed in many VSH maps: They're ugly and empty boxes. Ammo is not properly distributed around the map. Dirtmound features one large hill with various levels to it and a number of prop jumps that facilitate...
  12. Meebas

    Approved Bring GOOMBA STOMP back to FF2

    Goomba stomp added a whole new layer of strategy and enjoyment to the already narrow meta that is Freak Fortress 2. Many loadouts could be built around just goomba stomping the boss, as well as allowing the boss to utilize super jumps in open areas, introducing more dynamic gameplay in different...
  13. DanishSoup

    The Skial FF2 NY freaks tier list

    Hello all! I thought I would make something a little fun for FF2. So I created this tier list with an explanation on why those bosses are there. I wanted to create this months sooner but i'm a lazy poopity scoop. This isn't something that's 100% accurate because its just my thoughts which do...
  14. Percilius

    Approved Remove Clown Sans and Thomas

    Both these bosses are badly made. Clown Sans - For starters he's untextured for everyone, he has a really good hit speed and his rage provides him invincibility, no knockback, an even faster swing speed and it lasts for around 10 seconds. He also does a lot of damage per hit, enough to kill a...
  15. Tyro

    New [FF2] Demoman Suggestions

    Hello. I am a frequent player of the Skial Freak Fortress 2 server. I have played Freak Fortress for several years among many communities, but this one has been one of the better ones that seems to accept input and feedback. I apologize if this post does not follow some format or guidelines (I...
  16. Maple Syrup

    Declined [FF2] Boss Suggestion

    Hey! I am new to boss making and wanted to suggest my new boss. I thought Skial would be a good place as I have been enjoying the FF2 server recently. Frenzied Spy Health formula: (((790+n)*n)^1.04) Max speed: 340 Abilities Dynamic Jump and Weighdown. Rage Big Surprise!: Gives him a revolver...
  17. Doktoberfest

    Approved [FF2] Deon Fixed *again*

    we're not gonna have another full series of deon again i promise just adjusted his config so he can atleast have all of his weapons instead of just a caber. basicly i re-did literally everything new file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2gs3bsbbmwqmr3s/deon.rar/file
  18. Doktoberfest

    Approved [FF2] Deon Fix

    found the problem in the config it was an easy fix new config: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7xm4hcezzn9qdh9/deon.cfg/file
  19. Doktoberfest

    Approved [FF2] Re-Add Deon

    due to *someones* request i looked at deon once again and changed up a few things the pills from his gernade launcher shatter on the floor, and in the case they don't i added a damage penalty when they make contact with the floor/walls so they do no damage his gernade launcher has a spread...