All Server Benefits

  • Connect when servers are full. [Instructions]
  • /hat* - Choose any unusual hat effect and color. [Instructions]
  • /saxxy* - Equip the Saxxy. People killed turn into gold statues.
  • /glow - A unique special effect
  • /swap - Change teams
  • /trail - Animated trails
  • COLORED name and chat. [Instructions]
  • AFK longer before kicked.
  • No advertisements between rounds
  • End of round (Humiliation) immunity
  • Autobalance immunity**
  • Faster cooldowns for using the /votemenu command

* May be removed in the future due to restrictions set by Valve

** Balance is when 1 team has more players than the other. This is not scrambling which happens at the beginning of the round to make teams equal in skill. You may still be balanced if everyone else has immunity, which is very unlikely.

Idle and Trade Server Benefits

  • /dark - Turn black
  • /speed - Scout speed
  • /gimme - Give yourself any non-Valve weapon. [Instructions] [Weapons]
  • Increased Jarate ammo (not when using gimme)
  • Increased Sandman ammo (not when using gimme)

Saxton Server Benefits

  • No scout or engineer limit in Saxton Hale

Why Skial?

You will be supporting the best group of servers and get the most value compared to anywhere else.

  • We've unarguably been the most popular TF2 community by far since 2012. As of 2015, we have served over 8 million unique players.
  • More server variety to choose from than any other group.
  • Largest running stats since 2011. We have a custom stats server that is built from the ground-up to handle as many players as we have. Many people have tried using Hlstats or GameMe but they couldn't handle the load.
  • High quality bandwidth, hardware, and DDoS protection. We hardly ever go down and our popularity is proof of it.
  • Thousands of hours worth of custom server plugins to enhance the player experience.
  • HyperNet acceleration. No other server in the same location has lower pings.
  • Fixes for bugs/crashes that Valve does not fix. Some of these are brand new and some of them are years old!!
  • Custom VPN detection that is better than anything available to the public. Rage hackers coming back after being banned are rarely seen here
  • Custom anti-cheat. We have found methods to detect cheaters that go beyond SMAC

Get it now!

Get it now and get these benefits within seconds!

Prices are not guarenteed to stay the same.

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