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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: BLacKSvenFifty

    Actually, for this one he just used cheats that tried to enable restricted settings that let you see other players through the wall. It’s the most basic and easily detectable type of cheat. Regardless, you know what you did. You’re never going to get unbanned.
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    Tips for new VPN users?

    You typically only want to use a VPN for games that are known not to take measures to protect your IP being accessible to other people. Just take the few seconds to turn it off. Skial does not auto ban for VPN unless your steam account is pretty new. Hackers use VPN’s, get banned on them, and...
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    New TF2 Appeal: Miniaturebubble

    Are you playing in an army base?
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    Resolved g r i m - crit hax/esp

    Do you have a demo or do you just want us to take your word for it? The latter isn’t happening.
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    Admin Abuse

    That’s sweet. Just keep insulting us, threaten us, and try to justify your actions. It shows your maturity. I already made my decision.
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    Resolved Clientofwar - Saying the n-word multiple times

    Oh no. I’m regretting it so much.
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    Resolved Clientofwar - Saying the n-word multiple times

    I went ahead and upgraded your mute to permanent. I’ll have somebody look at the video who plays deathrun and issue a ban if appropriate.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Monkey_Radio

    Except it is because it is not true and commonly said by antisemitics.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Daily

    This account got banned for lmaobox.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Bort

    Surely you can go to victims of this and tell them it’s a joke. That will work out well. @gala will respond.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Bort

    Damn, you’re still taking no responsibility. It’s been less then a year. You got banned for talking about pedophilia. You’re right on track for getting your appeal denied if you don’t wisen up.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Buhonero

    Technical failure of the game? That's called an exploit. Bad moderation? You used an exploit. You agree to the rules of our servers when you join. If you see other people using the exploit, report them here and they will be banned. @KalashnikovA
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Music man/thegamer2556yt

    No, we’re not going to buy that again. On the other appeal you said it was your brother avoiding the mute.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Music man/thegamer2556yt

    You know exactly what you got banned for. You seriously couldn’t wait for your other ban appeal? Don’t play the whole brother excuse again. @KalashnikovA
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Engie world (Youtuber)

    You know it was for cheating. We don’t unban cheaters.