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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Nexture

    As much as it burdens me fellow pony, but you have cheated which is one thing that Skial doesn't look away from. it's unfortunate, but regardless of what you say in trying to appeal a ban for a cheating/hacking reason is not tolerable by Skial, we appreciate the apology and the changed person...
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    Does the anti-friendly rule also apply to the 24h servers? Its not like there is an objective on a hightower server with carts that don't move

    Hightower has a map objective so being friendly is not allowed. Being Friendly only applies to Idle and trade server.
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    He's just in a weird spot atm.

    He's just in a weird spot atm.
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    New Regarding bunnies current state

    Well yeah, and the 1 map he primarily shines in, he can't even win on that now, so its pretty bad, and now that he has the Nine Iron for 202 damage again, High ping players can once again abuse him like before, eh.
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    New Regarding bunnies current state

    He went rng egg kills op to what even is fearing me on the opposite side of the map, what...
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    New more forum (and discord?) rating icons

    Bumping this since it's still a good idea.
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    Declined VSH: Revert Superjumps

    The mechanic focuses on Player skill, knowledge, and performance of round ending stats depending on HP% left and or reds left on round loss, So if the player is doing too good on their round, their next hale round will put them in a higher hp tier, and vice versa if said player is doing poorly...
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    Declined VSH: Revert Superjumps

    It's essentially not making it a harder challenge for players unless it's for Veteran players that want to enable it since it's supposedly to change the !diff 50% option, in which makes the SJC obsolete so newer players and or the average skial VSH player can play hale without it enabled to have...
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    Nope, still there.

    Nope, still there.
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    New Add dr_bog to Deathrun

    Map has giant mushrooms. +1
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    Invalid Report: Dr office. Force a nature trap spot

    Photo evidence is mediocre, i want to see actual video evidence of said exploit, it makes it easier in a lot of ways.
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    Declined VSH: Revert Superjumps

    There is a future VSH2 update being made that could potential make SJC obsolete since it's mostly based on Hale/Player performance for their rounds instead of relying on if the Player playing hale is a noob/pro, it's something that's being worked on in the dark since it's still a wip.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: DaddyDorn22

    it's usually supposed to be a 1 day ban for a image of that; however, it mostly depends on the admin that issued the ban and you still currently have it in your inventory... Remove the image completely from your objector, and i'm sure @Phantom 5.0 will take a look at this when able to.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Gritzyy

    That one person did mostly ruin it for everyone on that IP, so yes since it's highly unlikely we'll unban a Public IP, if you had your own private IP to connect from, the chances of it getting it unbanned is more likely if you don't share it. Sorry.
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    Declined VSH: Revert Superjumps

    Another mechanic for Super Jump is in the works for Hale's which is far better than SJV and SJC, it's better to hold out on SJC for the time being until the new mechanic is put into the Skial's VSH version. -1 btw.