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  • Level 100x aimbot achieved
    I was shitting on you years before I started cheating, back when Ronesby still played this garbage game on 2FORT LA.

    I didn't need to walls to figure out you're probably in the sewer with two medics walking in a straight line because you can't rocket jump. You were bad back when I practiced regularly in 2016, and you're bad now.
    lmao @ Banned, you admitted cheating for 2 years selkie, you were never legit ..and that was when you were waving at every headshot ..but hey karma loves stupidity 8)
    gaming headset: on knuckles: cracked person better than me: hackused yep...its gamer time. h̷͕̊ë̵̪́̂l̸̯̞͌p̸̙̕ ̴̏̏ͅm̴̖͉̀e̴͍͗͝
    Hit or miss, I guess samien never miss, huh? I need a boyfriend i bet he wont kiss me mwa guess i'll just go and cry about selkies
    Getting real tired waiting out these 30 min bans.Servers seem to be filled with extra "special" people these days.
    7.0 earthquake lads my nuts havent quaked so hard before.
    Never masturbated that hard to another Aimbot report failing?
    Also, you play surprisingly well with that South American Ping.
    they get old quick i need greater things to satisfy me
    what's up with the skial NA servers?for the past few weeks the netgraph var values have been higher than optimal. EU skial/valve NA are fine
    (2)From my experience player count doesnt affect the values too much considering dead 2fort NY has high var while a filled turbine + EU has good var. Valve NA servers are fine as well. I might be a baby but the vars have been bad in NA for a few weeks now..possibly months? Would be nice if they could be fixed :)
    Blade D_Hero
    Blade D_Hero
    No they've been shitty for like years, the hitreg is abysmal in every LA server I play
    yeah LA has always been shitty but NY hasnt been that bad over the years but these past few weeks its been a bit more iffy like LA
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