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    Happy Father's Day

    I hope you get to enjoy this day on the eve of Summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere. As a Dad myself, just wanted to express my genuine thoughts of hoping you all are doing well wherever you maybe.
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    Picture Need Category Pictures

    Okay thanks for your feedback. Your insight is on point. I'll avoid this on the next go around.
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    Picture Need Category Pictures

    Hi. I made a couple more images that maybe useful for front page, specifically Reports. Since Skial is such a large part of our gaming community globally, hands used to support this community and the 6 satellites to rep the 6 different reports Skial supports. - (w/o report titles) - (with...
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    Resolved TF2 Report: Undertaker - Friendlying

    Noting original undertaker link broken, hence repost
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    Resolved TF2 Report: Undertaker - Friendlying

    Name Undertaker Summary Friendlying SteamID [U:1:1071542517][U:1:1071542517][U:1:1071542517][U:1:1071542517]...
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    Picture Need Category Pictures

    Hi again. I realized after posting my previous image re: Suggestion when I should have posted my thought on the cat. of retirement. Hope you don't mind me posting 1 more. I assure that it is a creative commons image. Thank you. My apologies. Just posted this image and suddenly realized there...
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    Picture Need Category Pictures

    Heyo! So despite a busy day honoring my wife's birthday today, I managed to squeeze in some time and came up with these 2 - ( Suggestions with kb ? ) from www. - ( Trash/Recycling ) from www. bin Cheers.
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    New Theme

    Sorry tried to remove my double post of the above....
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    New Theme

    Had an after thought that the new theme is more classy and has that lil sassy (certainly not sussy!) feel. As in ....feelin that tux tonight?! 👍
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    New Theme

    I do agree on Zeo's observation point. I believe a footer ought to be uniquely representative of Skial. Unless there is a user option to change darker background to a lighter colour , my opinion, the new design gives the details ie fonts, graphic imgs etc alot of POP! Ease of newer navigation on...
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    As Chef Emeril Legasse would say, BAM!! That was my first reaction. At first, I thought I had a different site but I know I have Skial set to one of my speed dials via my browser. Very sharp, distinctive and exceptional looking. Again appreciate all that time with the new Skial transformation
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    Resolved TF2 Report: (GM)ChessMeister3022 - Musicspam

    Name (GM)ChessMeister3022 Summary Musicspam SteamID [U:1:192191037][U:1:192191037][U:1:192191037][U:1:192191037]...
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    TF2 Report: penguSol - Friendlying Eureka "effect"ively

    Name penguSol Summary Friendlying Eureka "effect"ively SteamID [U:1:190620624][U:1:190620624][U:1:190620624]...
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    Considering TF2 Admin App: Zeke Aileron™

    I believe he acts with integrity and will do the the necessary grunt (support) work and rep Skial proudly. I enjoy his responses to questions from the Skial Admin and willingly do his best to address a variety of issues/conflicts that may arise given the opportunity. I already know Skial are...
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    Resolved TF2 Report: cabbagesoup - Friendlying

    Thanks again Xantam 🙂