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    you did

    you did
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    New ff2 axtinguisher problem

    legit your suggestions are more retarded then cardman reporting the wrong dave.
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    New ff2 axtinguisher problem

    then play a different class. Nothing needs to be buffed for pyro
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    Declined ff2

    if this was around 2 years ago I would've agreed but seeing how we nerfed the busted hales where people can actually wins against them I don't see them being much of a problem. Also the only underpowered hales are sonic and rock.
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    Declined ff2

    if you wanna add another hale go ahead if you can actually do it without fucking something up and making the hale broken or unplayable which in no fucking doubt will happen. also we don't need more hales we have plenty.
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    Declined [FF2] Buff the caber

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    [FF2] Rework Equalizer to act similar to Volcano Fragment.

    there's a thing called flare jump for pyro
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    Declined Ping lock the Hale on VSH servers

    -1 are you really that salty cause someone with over 200 ping as hale cause a soldier and scout just farm dmg? Mate just out dmg them it ain't damn hard
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    New [FF2] Demoman Suggestions

    +1 Demo needs to get his grenade launcher crit back seeing how it's fucking sad to see a damn eviction notice heavy dealing more dmg circling the hale around like a absolute retarded bitches then a demoman trying to aim with a grenade launcher that only deals 100 dmg.
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    better follow me back

    better follow me back
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    Approved FF2 Suggestions

    +1 damn people really had a damn problem with her thriller rage even tho it's easier to avoid then nic trying to hide from me raiding his ass.