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    Declined Remove dr_office

    Imma give my two cents and actually explain WHY the map is shit! first off the map looks dull and boring, its a god damn corridor where you run straight and take a few turns leading to another corridor with more boring traps (fun layout amirite) even its all the same colours 70% of the map, a...
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    this player keeps griefing

    the new skial layout is confusing i wanna report this kid as soon as possible
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    this player keeps griefing

    here's an IMGUR link in case attachment doesnt work
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    this player keeps griefing

    This kid keep abusing this bug, he rushes as scout and always does this and it delays the game and annoys everyone pls ban him for a bit his steam:
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    Declined Add dr_bank and dr_safety_first back

    +1 yh NGL miss these maps, would be nice to get it back in especially they could bring some players back too!
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    Declined [DR] Remove Cream Tea's maps

    cream tea did not make Bazinga you clown
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    it was yes, when it got removed the map was instantly more fun!
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    Im happy this map got added however 1 easter egg allow players to go into a Hale's side and they do absolutely nothing and keep delaying the EVERY ROUND and its super annoying for everyone, only way to finish every round is to voteslay the hale and 90% of the time is voted No, pls remove the...
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    Approved Add dr_mlg_bearun

    I agree with this, the current one has been in for way too long and it got boring but dont remove it just update the map plsss xdddddxdxd|ASF ADFA
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    Declined Add dr_ignite to deathrun

    +1 :boar:
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    Already Done FIX !HIDESMOKE already lol

    SILENCE POLARIS, we don't speak of that Server!
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    Already Done FIX !HIDESMOKE already lol

    Hoes mad cuz true
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    Already Done FIX !HIDESMOKE already lol

    Good Point, My mind has been changed!!!!!1111111oneone