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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Jinko

    I'm also fairly certain you cannot achieve this amount of FOV with normal means
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    New TF2 Appeal: dawid3793

    You are on a VPN connection and got an IP address previously used by a banned cheater Any chance you could not play on a VPN?
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    Resolved fukyouaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa22 - Aimbot

    I'll check it when I get home 👍
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    Resolved Excidius - Toxic chat

    Ty for report
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Jinko

    Never in my 5k hours playing this game have I seen or heard something like that happening
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Jinko This doesn't even look like high sensitivity bind as you are pretty clearly switching your aim to the zombie in the corner and back to your side rapidly
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: meuwu

    This account connected 4 days after the other account was banned for cheating in 2016 from the same IP address. The IP addresses lead back to your current account which shares a similar name. Either you or someone in your house cheated, it cannot be confirmed so we are not going to remove the ban
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    Resolved gordy the space chimp - Toxicity/Abusive language in chat

    Ty for report muted for week
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    New Player Destruction servers

    Very interesting
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: R3M1X

    You got banned for lmaobox in 2015 with this account which no longer seems to exist Two hours later you connected from same IP with your current account and got it banned as well
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    Resolved troll gaming - racism

    Not the same person
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    Declined Add servers for low-end users

    The unstable servers are those with 32 players, you only play 24 player 2fort and there shouldn't be issues. We can't cater to everyone using the lowest of the low hardware and if you're trying to run tf2 with an integrated graphics card you shouldn't expect good performance to begin with If...
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    Pardoned TF2 Appeal: xXSexHaverXx real

    Lowered to 3 months, next time permanent mute stays
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    Pardoned TF2 Appeal: Ryanwilliams2465

    It has been 3 years since your last mute, I can lower the length to 1 month but this will be your last chance and next one will stay as permanent
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    Invalid gala - Racist Harassing DMs.

    I really don't get it, also you keep ignoring my replies and making more accusations. Are we done here?