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    Naraka Bladepoint

    Asian Battle Royale, free demo on Steam right now.
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    Picture Neat little fact about Quebec
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    Approved Remove or greatly rework the collision damage feature you've recently added to surf.

    I can zero out the vertical velocity when calculating the minimum velocity needed to damage another player. Other than that, there's no way to detect if the player is falling because they are surfing or because of a rocket jump.
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    Different raid block timer 10x

    It was lowered because people complained it was too long.
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    Resolved Report: Cant login in my main skial forum account

    Give us the information on your account and prove that you owned it.
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    Introductions Megathread

    Are you new to the forums and want to introduce yourself? Leave a post here.
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    Zombie Escape Community Firsts

    ze_santassination_skial_12 non-extreme
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    Zombie Escape Community Firsts

    This thread is a list of first wins on especially difficult Zombie Escape maps on Normal mode.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Frelancer

    Have you thought about the fact that maybe we are more populated because we perma-ban people who cheat on our servers?
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    Disabling raw mp4/webm links

    No it means that someone could make a video url like http://homeip/video.mp4. And anyone loading that post would send a request to that server and that person could look at his server logs to record ips. Site like youtube can see the same thing too, but the chances they would abuse it is low...
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    Disabling raw mp4/webm links

    No they save the video to their own servers when you upload. I don't know about links though.
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    Disabling raw mp4/webm links

    I've decided to disable raw mp4 and webm links. The reason is because someone can use that to grab people's ips. This isn't possible with images because all the images are proxied through the web server. If you want to host videos quickly, I'd recommend uploading to streamable or one of the...
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    Picture Need Category Pictures

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    Why skial servers r banned in iran

    Host Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev 2. 0.0% 11 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.0 3. 0.0% 10...
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    Picture Need Category Pictures

    Because those are police and the picture was made to be a background picture so it fits very well as a category image.