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    Resolved spider - Mic + Chat Spam

    Name spider Summary Mic + Chat Spam SteamID [U:1:1208593063][U:1:1208593063][U:1:1208593063][U:1:1208593063]...
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    Resolved LimboNIC - Micspamming

    Name LimboNIC Summary Micspamming SteamID [U:1:1023701877][U:1:1023701877][U:1:1023701877][U:1:1023701877]...
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    Resolved kevin - Map Exploit

    Name kevin Summary Map Exploit SteamID [U:1:1366736174][U:1:1366736174][U:1:1366736174][U:1:1366736174]...
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    Resolved ZEBRA TERIYAKI - Racism

    Name ZEBRA TERIYAKI Summary Racism SteamID [U:1:19478398][U:1:19478398][U:1:19478398][U:1:19478398]...
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    Resolved TheMinusKai - Being Annoying (Stalling Rounds)

    Name TheMinusKai Summary Being Annoying (Stalling Rounds) SteamID [U:1:335838083][U:1:335838083][U:1:335838083]...
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    Resolved Gustavo Fring - Micspam

    Name Gustavo Fring Summary Micspam SteamID [U:1:873213601][U:1:873213601][U:1:873213601][U:1:873213601]...
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Λήθη

    On your last appeal, which was three months ago, you were warned that another rule violation meant you weren't coming back to Skial.Λήθη.98849/
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    Resolved wazzuper25 - Vote Abuse

    Name wazzuper25 Summary Vote Abuse SteamID [U:1:302030822][U:1:302030822][U:1:302030822][U:1:302030822]...
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    Resolved Baker - Platform Griefing / Team Killing

    Name Baker Summary Platform Griefing / Team Killing SteamID [U:1:490819796][U:1:490819796][U:1:490819796][U:1:490819796]...
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    Resolved Watcher… - Map Exploit

    Evidence of platform griefing as well (apologies if footage is choppy)
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    Invalid 7GAYS - Teleporter Griefing

    Name 7GAYS Summary Teleporter Griefing SteamID [U:1:420978682][U:1:420978682][U:1:420978682][U:1:420978682]...
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    Resolved The wolf of wall street #savetf - Micspamming

    Name The wolf of wall street #savetf Summary Micspamming SteamID [U:1:1158111959][U:1:1158111959][U:1:1158111959]...
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    Resolved Watcher… - Map Exploit

    Name Watcher… Summary Map Exploit SteamID [U:1:1047559347][U:1:1047559347][U:1:1047559347][U:1:1047559347]...
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    Resolved water_malone935 - Racism

    Name water_malone935 Summary Racism SteamID [U:1:1029269639][U:1:1029269639][U:1:1029269639][U:1:1029269639]...
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    Resolved Sheeter - Griefing (Team Killing)

    Name Sheeter Summary Griefing (Team Killing) SteamID [U:1:8983643][U:1:8983643][U:1:8983643][U:1:8983643]...